Country grey Brown wool - TOISONS Brittany


Wool Breton farms issue and Loire, respect a Charter of strict breeding the well-being of animals, healthy without pesticides or GMOs. When necessary, treatments are natural products.
The fleeces are sourced from sheep breeds moors of Brittany and Belle-Ile.
The various stages of production are all hand made in France:
We collect the fleeces in spring, they leave then wash in Haute-Loire, then spinning in the Creuse.

This is a dry wool which will soften from the 1st wash.
(Packaged in Hanks, wool Pincushion for you)

Brittany fleeces were created in 2012 to enhance and promote the issue 'Wool of Britain' die of livestock breeds 'Brittany Heath' and 'Belle-Ile. The majority of farms are certified AB and follow a strict breeding chart as well.
The various stages of production are all hand made in France.

Brand: The fleeces of Brittany (France)
Material: wool
Color: Gray Brown 3/4 (66% Black wool and 34% white wool mix)
Reference col: G3-3
Wool composition: 100% wool country
Wool washing: By hand / wool cycle machine
Yarn weight: 100 g
Wool length: 260 m
Sample: 18 STS x 26 rows
WPI: No. 4-4.5
Wool Sweater 38: 4 skeins of 100 gr

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