Needles bamboo - number 4.5


Try these knitting needles N ° 4.5 bamboo to make your dreams and live the wool!
They are 35 cm in length for your stitches glide effortlessly during your knitting books.
The material of these needles N ° 4.5 makes them lightweight and so, they are great for knitting.
How to choose the size of the knitting needle?
Both are in the choice of a needle to knit:
-Its length, which indicates the length of the needle. Usually the standard length is 40 cm as more comfortable for knitting and for good behavior.
-Number: this issue is the diameter of your knitting needle. Number of needle to use will vary depending on the type of knitting you want to practice in terms of size and yarn size. It is best to choose the number of needle on your ball of yarn. This is the information that will be your best guide. And don't forget to make a sample before you start your knitting ;-)

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